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I took my first safari with Ben in 2001.
I didn’t know Ben yet and it was my first time in Africa.

Let’s just put it this way; I am what you’d call an anxious traveler.

These are the things I was afraid of;

-Breaking down in the middle of nowhere
-Getting ripped off
-Getting lost
-Being on a safari bus with 10 other people

Well, I thank my lucky starts that I met Ben because none of this happened and I had an absolutely FABULOUS experience. I have since recommended Ben to over 50 travelers – friends, business associates, NGO staff and donors. Everyone, without exception LOVED Ben, loved their safari and has recommended him to those in their business and social circles.

You can feel 100% comfortable that you are going to have a great experience – see everything there is to see and be well cared for.

Have a wonderful trip!!!
Posted By: Lee Paiva
My first safari experience was truly unforgettable thanks to Ben’s knowledge, experience and spectacularly jolly, friendly nature. Ben is hilarious and an absolute joy to be around! No wonder he seems to be friends with everyone at the reserves and neighboring villages. He is flexible and accommodating – catering our safari to our every desire. Ben has been leading safaris for 17 years and knows the Serengeti terrain like the back of his hand. .. other safari guides approached him for directions on multiple occasions! He knew exactly where specific animals liked to hang out and got us closer than we could ever imagine to these Kenyan wonders, while always putting our safety first. We saw just about every local species – giraffes, zebras, buffalo, cheetahs, elephants, lions, hippos, baboons etc… but the true highlights were finding a leopard eating its kill in a tree and seeing a mother lioness resting with her 5 cubs! I’ve always envisioned safaris as being a cluster of 20+ safari vans huddled around a poor lion so I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved!) that we traveled as a lone tour the majority of our journey through the Masai Mara reserve. After a 3 day safari, I was nowhere near ready to part ways with Ben, the land and its majestic inhabits. I hope to be back soon!
Posted By: Meghann Kabala
The thing I remember most about being in the Serenghetti with Ben was that he knew everyone. And I mean everyone from the park entrance, out across the Mara and all the way into Tanzania. After the 100th passing driver slowed held his hand out in greeting and cheerly rang out, “Hey Ben!”, I half expected the next herd of elephants to saunter over to our viewing spot and trumpet his own, “Hey brother Ben!!” greeting. I really felt welcomed and safe being with Ben. Not only did he know every inch of every park we toured, he was friends with every person in every park we toured, from the cooks and waiters, to the Managers of the big fancy lodges and even the Masai Chiefs whose villages we frequented along the way.

Well there was one more thing. His ability to spot game from miles away. Literally. He stop the van, point to a speck on a grassy hillside way off in the distance, peer quietly for a moment or two, then whisper, “Rhino.” Then off we’d roll across the valley. We’d all roll our eyes in the back seats and mutter, “Yeah, sure.” But by the third or fourth time we pulled up and actually saw a rhino, or leopard or other exceedingly rare creature, stopped our doubting and we’re left only to exclaim, “How in the world does he do that??”
Posted By: Jake Sinclair MD

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